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Imagine, listening to music, isolated from the world outside. Just you, and the beat, and the vybe. Well, if you are like me, you have tried numerous amounts of earbuds and earphones, but nothing quite meets all your requirements. Some too uncomfortable for the ears, others too bassy, or no good.

Earphones and buds have evolved over the years from corded annoying earpieces, to prestine, wireless, comfortable and functional listening experiece.

Skullcandy a company founded in 2003 markets some of the best quality earphones,and i have been lucky to aquire a few myself. In this article I will share with you, what I believe are the top three Skullcandy bluetooth earbuds to buy this Holiday. If you are looking for that perfect listening experience without the run around then read on.

As a Music lover, and a professional musician, im very peculiar about the earphones i use. because im always on the go and need something thats perfect, simple, but powerful and makes the listening experience worthwhile, so i search for the best. Let me save you time and money. Choose from the following recommendations and be immersed in an amazing music listening experience.

NB: These recommendations are made based on findings, my personal experience and contribution from persons who would have used these products before.

Ok, Lets dive straight into it;

#1: SkullCandy Sesh True Wireless Earbuds

The SkullCandy Sesh True wireless Ear Buds offers a Pure Sound with depth and color. The perfect experience to have while listening to your favourite Jams.

This type of earbud has amazing sound quality, with deep bass, balanced mids and highs And superb noise cancelation feature, creating the ultimate listener experience.

Theses bad boys are Bluetooth operated so theres no cord getting in the way.

Yup, no restrictions.

The buds provide 3 hours of playtime and the case gives 7 hours of power ensuring you stay on top of your favorite tracks for over 10 hours. It is also sweat, water and dust resistant pushing its functionability to another level.

This is a go to, if you are into music or fitness. Imagine jogging and listening to your evening playlist, uninterupted by distracting environmental noise, or having to fix them every minute in the ear. They fit neatly and comfortably and offers superb hi quality audio whilst protecting you from ear damage.There's also a microphone for phone calls, and track volume control.

I have tried and i love the Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless earbuds, i use them when i want to get lost in the music, or watch my favorite Youtube video, or Netflix movie and so on.

The Skullcandy Sesh has been rated 4.0 out of 5 stars. Proof that the product is worth having. And based on my personal experience, YUPP!! Its a must have.


#2: Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds

This baby is all about the bass. If you like that BoomBoom, them yupp it is right here!

The sound performance of the Skullcandy Push True Earbuds is really nice, it delivers alot of bass, but has prestine highs and mids for clarity. Just like the Sesh, they come with a charging case; however they offer 2 hours more than the sesh in terms of battery. Yupp, 12 hours of power for your listening experience, one could not ask for more than that, or could you?

The Push TrueWireless earbuds by Skullcandy are also water resistant and comfortable to wear. No worries of them slipping out the ear, because they wont.

These earbuds are perfect for workout, super light weight and comfy, and quite an affordable option.


#3: Crusher Bluetooth wireless Over Ear Headphones

Though not a small sports earbud, like the previously mentioned, and not the cheapest option, this Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with super adjustable bass is a must have, It packs a 40mm audio driver with up to 6 hours of battery life, and a built in microphone for phone calls.

You can adjust the bass level, volume, call answer all these functions can be done via the ear cap.

The isolation design makes for perfect uninterupted music listening. Comfortable and durable. Functional and attractive.

This Crusher Bluetooth Wireless earphone packs the punch and has a beautiful blend between High, mid and low end frequences. It might be a bit on the expensive side, but I'm sure it is worth the investment.


I hope this article was of great help to you, and that you've found the earphone that you are looking for. Your feedback is always welcomed so don't forget to leave a comment.

"Hit me with music", said Bob Marley, "When it hits you'll feel no pain". Music is life, and when you are listening to Music, you should have the best experience ever.

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