Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Sonic Logo Branding?

    A sonic logo is the short, memorable expression of a brand's sonic identity. It involves the use of melodies, sound effects or other sound data to create a sound trademark. 

  • 02

    Why should I get a sonic logo for my brand?


    The world of brands is becoming more and more competitive especially with today's reality and more online businesses emerging its important that your brand stands out. It must be constantly identifiable. 

  • 03

    Why should I buy a subscription plan?

    A subscription plan gives you long term flexibility and control over how you put your sonic branding out to your customers and leads. With a single payment depending on the plan chosen, you can get access to unlimited revisions, modifications based on season or any major event or trend at any time during the year. (COMING SOON)  

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    How long does it take to complete a design?

    3-5 Business days

    An initial first day of a gig takes up to 4 hours to record taking into consideration set up, if there's any need for special props or talent, and getting as much ideas to choose from. 

    Post production then takes another 2 days to finalize. 

    Post production involves the arranging of the recorded ideas and the use of extra effect if needed, a mixing and mastering process so that your logo can be sonically appealing. 

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